Monday, May 7, 2012

White Lake Sprint Race Report

Marty had signed up for the White Lake Sprint, but since he has yet to run after hurting his foot in the Cary Duathlon I got to take his entry - not happy Marty is hurt but very happy I got to race :)

We had high hopes of going to White Lake on Friday so we could watch the Half on Saturday, but we just couldn't make it happen. Too busy and too worried about having Logan outside in 90 degree heat for hours on end...we drove down Saturday evening instead.

We stayed in a plush trailer with Erik and Andrea. I'm not even joking, this double wide was nice!! Definitely the nicest place we've ever stayed at there. 

When I decided I was going to race this I had an internal debate about whether I should race in the Open/Elite category or age group. I bounced it off Marty who I think half listened and told me to do what I wanted. I've always raced Open in the North Carolina Triathlon Series, but I just am not feeling super speedy right now and didn't want the pressure (which I realize is all self imposed) of starting at the front. I thought it would be more fun to race age group and actually have people around me (the women's open field can be pretty small and get spread out quick).

Here are the results. So you can see that I ended up finishing 2nd overall (to some young stud) and ahead of all the Open girls by just a bit. I sort of feel like a tool for not racing with them as I'm always frustrated when girls don't race open when they should. But looking at the splits I would've had my butt handed to me in the swim and then just started to see people on the run - so that wouldn't have been fun and of course it changes the dynamic of the race. Also, none of my splits are that impressive. My bike is all right, but my swim and run are just kind of eh. I look at them and can't figure out how I got 2nd.

Enough of that analysis! The swim was choppy and wetsuit legal. I didn't really know what I was doing out there and there were kayaks right in the way I guess helping people who weren't doing well in the chop. Even though the wave ahead of us started with a 6min headstart, I still ran into a lot of side stroking men. Got on the bike and felt good. Sort of windy out there but it was fun to keep passing people on the two loop course. Off the bike and onto the run where my legs felt okay but not great. Now that all the little post pregnancy injuries seem to be healed I'm ready to start really running again!

We didn't stick around for awards as the little man and big man were both tired. Next up: DOUGHMAN!! Thanks to all who have donated so far! We have the 2 min lead - can we get the 5 min lead? Maybe! If you'd like to help us get there, please click this link. As you can see, your name will be in lights on the website :)

Heading down with one happy Logan sitting next to me

I have a funny look on my face because I couldn't get by these people - move it!

Logan started off the morning like this

And ended up here

A bit of a sprint to the finish

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Molly said...

Congratulations! You are coming back STRONG post-baby!