Friday, May 11, 2012

Pics and Stuff

White Lake is a popular triathlon weekend in NC so there were lots of pictures floating around taken by friends. Here are a few more:

I like this because you can see Jean and Marty taking a picture and Mary cheering me on

Back pictures are great because there's no chance of an ugly running face
If you have any friends on facebook from NC you probably saw a lot of posts about the recent Amendment that was put to vote on Tuesday. The constitution in our state already bans same sex marriage and this amendment would take it a step further and ban civil unions and domestic partnerships. I find it very embarrassing that it passed. A common 'comic' that was posted from someecards read: "North Carolina: where you can marry your cousin, just not your gay cousin"  Technically, you can marry your 2nd cousin, but whatever. We're not all so backwoods and ignorant in this state, I promise.

And for the family, Logan has a lot of fun in his exersaucer (or as Marty likes to call it, Mission Control) so here's a  short video.

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Steve said...

Happy Anniversary btw. Hope you guys have a good vaca. :)