Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Busy

Even though traveling with a 5 month old is not ideal, we still all had a lot of fun in Maggie Valley to celebrate our 8th Anniversary.  Tassie included - she loved splashing around in the creek behind the cabin.  We made it into Asheville a couple of times and enjoyed some delicious beer. Unfortunately, we forgot the delicious beer in the fridge when we left, including a growler of Oktoberfest from the Lexington Avenue Brewery which was oh so good. I hope the cleaning crew appreciated it.


You are not allowed to crawl yet!

I'm eating ice cream and Logan is belly-to-the-bar. Ummmmm.

Our little Wolverine

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am to drive to New Bern so I could race in a triathlon that is part of the TrySports series.  The Twin Rivers YMCA Triathlon went well - although it was weird not to know any of the other racers.  I went solo while Marty and Logan held down the fort at home.

Saturday afternoon was spent dying hair and practicing our makeup for Doughman! Like I mentioned in previous posts, we are all about redemption from last years disaster of a race so we are 'angry' and we're 'going goth.'  Gone are our pink costumes with bows and here comes lots of black.  In keeping with the theme, we dyed our hair black and will be spraying in a pink streak for the race.  My hair is already quite dark so the black isn't terribly noticeable, but on Alysia and Kari it is! We'll be taking a lot of pictures so stay tuned to see the whole ensemble.

We are so, so close to getting the 5 minute head start. So far, 3 other teams have gotten that time bonus. We need to raise $1,000 and we are at $820 so if you wanna help us out........click this link!

Tomorrow evening is the first Aquathon if any locals want to have fun doing a low-key cheap event.


Beth said...

Happy anniversary, congrats on your win and GOOD LUCK this weekend! EEEK! Lots going on! :) Can't wait to see Doughman pictures! :)

Steve said...

I sometimes have that problem of forgetting beer too. I come home, and go to grab a beer, and think.... Where is it??? Oh... must have drunk it last night. ;)