Thursday, February 23, 2012


I love my sleep. I love going to bed early and getting a solid 8+ hours.

When you get pregnant, you'll have a lot of people giving you advice. Some of it is very helpful and constructive, but a lot of it is frankly quite negative. From digs at sleeping to not being able to stay active...that was definitely one of the most annoying things I put up with while pregnant.

But I was very worried about my sleep! It's true that towards the end of pregnancy your sleep is bad - lots of waking up to pee and a general restlessness from being uncomfortable. It becomes a production to just rollover at night.

And then the baby gets here and the first 2-3 weeks are HARD. Particularly if you decide to breastfeed because it is all you. Sleeping 1-2 hours at a time is the norm and who can survive very long on that?

We started giving Logan a bottle right around 3 weeks and I started pumping to build up some inventory so others could give him this bottle. That was a huge lifesaver as I could go to bed and sleep for 4hrs or so straight and not have to worry about one of those night feedings.

We haven't tried any sleep techniques, although there are about 100 different variations and books. Luckily, he has progressively gotten better at sleeping longer as his belly has gotten bigger and he can hold more food.

After a few weeks, he was a consistent 3-4hr sleeper, and that grew to 5-6hrs, and we've now gotten more and more 6-7hrs at a time over the past 2 weeks. After the long chunk, he'll go back down for another 2-3hrs. He's also thrown in several 9hr sleeps, and then he wakes up with the driest mouth you can imagine and screaming for his milk.

Unfortunately for me, I can't go 9hrs at this point. If you know anything about breastfeeding then you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry. Prior to Dec 12 I wouldn't have known either. Hopefully, my body will adjust soon so if he does keep stretching those night hours I can go back to getting my own beloved 8hrs.

I'm sure once we've got this down he'll start teething or something and I'll be back to getting up every couple of hours ;)

Unfortunately, he doesn't have as good a hold on the day naps; sometimes he'll nap for a couple of hours and sometimes not at all. Some days he seems to nap all the time. Maybe this will be one of those things daycare helps us out with.


Steve said...

glad you are sleeping good. Wanna know what movie I saw last weekend?? That vampire one you read the books on. Lisa and Hailey read them too and were all ga ga over them.

We were watching a HGTV program, and a gay dude was trying to re-create the family room or something from the movie. They asked him what team he was... he said, "I was team Edward until I saw the movie" :) LOL

Rebecca DeWire said...

Ahhhh, glorious sleep. I will say that in the last month things have really turned around for me in the sleep dept. I am almost embarrassed to say how old Adelaide was when she first sleep through the night. She was the worst sleeper ever; I am not sure how I survived.

That is awesome that Logan has pulled a couple 9 hr nights. Hopefully he starts to make that a regular thing and your body adjusts so you can sleep :)

Angela and David said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! I remember thinking my chest might actually explode when Zach finally sleeping for longer stretches. I am so fearing those first couple of weeks! But honestly, it sounds like he is really doing quite well on the sleep front. As for napping during the day, Zach never proved to be much of a napper but it was nice when he was in daycare because at least it wasn't stressing me out anymore! Honestly, life got easier when Zach started daycare because it seemed like it wore him out a little more and he slept a little better at night and when you aren't around him all day your milk production also seems to start to regulate itself a little better. At least that was my experience.