Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm getting back into the swing of things as far as training is going. I did my first run 'workout' this morning since Marty is down in Florida and we have a group run every Thursday morning. Nothing great, but my heart rate was up and my legs were burning. Today I'm planning on getting out for a bike ride - its going to be 77 degrees and I can't miss out on that! I signed up for a race at the end of the month; an all women's triathlon: Girls Run the World here in Raleigh. There will not be any miracles taking place and I doubt I will be able to hold even a 7min mile for the 2mile run, but I am so excited to get out there and compete again.

How am I able to get this training in right now while Marty is running our camp in FL? Mom-in-law is in town helping me out. It's awesome to have time for myself again.

I am however, incredibly sad I'm not down in Florida with everyone at camp. This is the first time I've ever missed going to one in the past 7 years. Even though I have family down in St. Pete that offered to help, logistically it still seems like it would've been a nightmare with his eating schedule and all things that go with being 11 weeks old. Next year, though, we will make it happen.

Last week I was able to ride the trainer 2 days during the week while Kari came over and watched Logan. This was great because Marty got to keep working, Logan was happy, and Kari and I got to catch up. Even though we may have seen each other the day before, there are always multitudes of topics we can cover. So that was awesome.

We also made it to our first hockey game up here last week and had awesome tickets given to us from one of Marty's athletes. We had our first real babysitter come and watch Logan and she told us he was good. I hope he was so she'll come back :) It was a great game, too - the Canes shut out the Capitals. I really don't know much about hockey but was glad we were close enough so we could actually see the puck and goals and all that. It didn't hurt that our tickets were in the swanky section with comfy seats and free food and drinks.

And lastly, Team Victorious Secret will once again be vying for a top spot at Doughman in May.
Some of you may remember the debacle of last year's race where I flatted on both the front and rear tires while leading and ended up hitching a ride back to the race site. If you have a lot of time and want to read the entire story, you can click here. We had some stressful moments thinking we may not get in this year, but my fast typing skillz got us an entry.

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