Thursday, November 17, 2011

Soooo excited! This weekend we're going to go see the latest Twilight movie - Breaking Dawn Part 1. All of these movies are totally cringe-worthy with the terrible acting but I can't NOT go see it. I absolutely loved the books.

Quote from a review in the NY Times, too funny:

" is the unavoidable truth that Mr. Lautner, whose pumped physique and flat affect bring to mind one of those friendly pizza delivery boys in a pornographic movie, remains a dish best served with as few words and clothes as possible."

How can you not want to see a movie as well done as that?

The other movie I can't wait to see (but I'll have to wait until March) is The Hunger Games.

Here's the trailer.

This book was awesome - and it's short for those of you anti-readers (I don't get you, by the way). It's a trilogy and I definitely feel that each book got worse, but it didn't stop me from blowing through all 3.

Pregnancy is still humming along. I'm 36 weeks now and don't feel any signs of early labor. I've heard that on average first pregnancies go 10 days late. Let's hope not as that would put him being born on Christmas. No one wants that, especially the little guy because you know he'll get screwed in the gift department for his entire life.

Total aside, but why does blogger insist on putting all sorts of spaces into my posts? How do I get rid of them? You add one picture and it wants all this blank area between every paragraph, no matter how many times I go in and delete them.


LZ said...

Even if he is born on his due date, it will still be close enough to xmas to get screwed in the gift department. :) My bday is the 23rd and I always got screwed! The one time I didnt, was when I turned 10 I had a 1/2 year bday party instead (so in June). Was always a favorite of mine growing up.

Did you see Twilight was on TV last night...totally agree with the horrific acting. Just terrible. But just like you I want to still see them! :)

Beth said...

Blogger hates me too.

Anyway - either way, I think your little one is going to be cursed with the close-enough-to-Christmas-to-always-be-screwed-with-gifts problem. Even if he's born a few weeks before or after it will be trouble. My sister's birthday is Jan 6 and still to this day (she is 36), she complains about it. So why not be born on actual Christmas Day because that's really cool!!! :)

Angela and David said...

I have that same issue with the spacing and have no solution. Ahhh, I went 10 days past my due date with Zach before they induced me. Those days after your due date go SO SLOW and when people ask you your due date and you tell them that you are already past it, they look at you with huge eyes and like you might actually explode at any second. And the Christmas birthday is tough like Beth says. My mom is December 27th and I can't tell you how many times growing up and as an adult I've seen my mother throw a tantrum because no one pays any attention to her birthday. At least he knows he'll never have to go to school on his birthday!

Steve said...

ehhhh. What movie was the pizza delivery guy in?? HA HA HA!!

That is funny.

Good Luck with the birth if it comes before the next post.

Unknown said...

If Logan comes 11 days late, he and Kevin will share a birthday :)

Kelly said...

Hunger Games looks like it's going to be ACTUALLY good though, not Twilight good.

And, you want to keep yourself entertained? There's a whole world of pseudo-Hunger Games/fantasy futuristic sci-fi teen-lit rip-offs out there. All with love triangles. I'm pretty sure Taylor Lautner is set to star in one of them.