Friday, August 20, 2010

Trying to Be Good

I have two triathlons left on the calendar - the Patriots Sprint in Williamsburg, VA on September 12th (Marty is doing the half the day before), and USAT Nationals in Tuscaloosa on September 25th. The sprint will be kind of a last tune-up before Nationals, which is definitely the 'A' race of the season.

In an effort to set myself up well for that race, I'm trying to be good. As in, I'm not sleeping in and missing Master's practice, being more consistent with my runs so I can get above 20 mpw and biking more.

I've actually biked 3 times already this week! That's amazing seeing as it's only Friday. So what if one was on the trainer watching the latest True Blood episode...I did get out on the rode twice (one of those was cut short because of a horrible thunderstorm. nothing like a quick bargaining conversation with the higher power as lightening is popping all around you). And I did wake up for all 3 Master's practices this week (internal high five).

I've also been going to bed very early - which is why I was able to get up at 5:15 4 mornings this week. Marty loves it when at 8:30pm I say, "Ok, I'm going to go get ready for bed." and then I'm out by 9pm. Party central.

This has been a pretty typical day - 5:15am: wake up - workout - work - workout - home - dinner - unpack - pack for next day - bed. I've just started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo so I get a couple of pages in before I shut the light I know everyone says it's really good but I'm honestly having trouble getting into it. I'm going to stick it out and hope it gets better.

I'm hoping to 'be good' until Nationals. We'll see if I can make it. Okay, enough training talk.


GoBigGreen said...

that book is hard to get into. Give it some time, and really it all comes full circle but some of that early background really doesnt matter:)
btw I am Kari's friend so get her out of bed, too ok?

runningyankee said...

NEO. ignore that message. she is not my friend.

BriGaal said...

Ooooh! Will I get to see a virtual catfight??!!

Angela said...

Teach me your secret...I still can't get in bed before 10 or 10:30.

GoBigGreen said...

What do i have to unfriend you on FB now? Seriously?
Last time i send you any Yorks and oh, the Brett Favre rocks and the Steelers...wait, who are the Steelers?

Steve said...

I liked this post FWIW!! :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Can you get KARI out of bed too that early? THANKS. :)
I canNOT get into that book either...everyone tells me how awesome it is and I am like, "blah" so far! Let me know if you get into it & enjoy it!

m said...

I have a feeling even if you aren't 100% "good" leading up to nationals you'll still kick some serious butt.

I'm impressed seeing you do the workout, work all day, workout again. It's not easy!

Angela and David said...

I go to bed sooo early whenever possible. It drives David crazy. And I'm going to keep checking in here to see if this virtual cat fight goes down.