Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My blog moved

As Marty mentioned in the previous post, my blog moved. I don't really get all the stuff he explained to me. I started out trying to understand and then he turned into the teacher in 'Peanuts' WAH WAH WAH. My current blog address is http://www.martygaal.com/briblog/ or http://brigaal.com/ but now its something else. Or it's not. Which I guess if you're here than you found it. Or maybe you're tired of reading my crap-ola, which is also fine. But I'll still be here regardless.

So here is a screenshot of the old website - still out there, but I have no idea if anyone actually goes here to get to our blogs anymore.

There's A LOT of old stuff on here. All of our travel pics from "Trippin' 06" and the archive to our updates back then. We were keeping triathlon-related updates as well as trip-related updates during that time. Anyways, this website is all ftp based which is like old website stuff - all I know is it was kind of complicated putting up pictures and making updates on this thing. Blogger makes it all so easy. Our updates go back to 2003 - and if you dig around, you may find some pretty funny pictures. Like this one:


Heather said...

I - like your old website - am old school, so therefore I go through it to access your blog. Old people rule!

Beth said...

Old school bloggers you and I!!! :)

Anyway - that picture of Marty is hilarious. Did he pose on purpose like that or is he really just that unhappy at the end of a race?! :)

BriGaal said...

he was gagging after a humid race in Miami. I've actually seen this face more than once on Marty :) Funny that they took a professional picture of it and put it up on the website!