Friday, April 23, 2010

Florida - here I come!

I'm flying to Florida this evening with one of my besties, Alysia, to race in St. Anthony's triathlon. If I'm being completely honest, I'm not feeling super great right now with my training but no matter what, the race will go MUCH better than last year when I was very, very sick. I'm going to go out there and go as hard as I can for as long I can - how's that for a strategy?! The weekend will also be a lot of fun, as it always is down there.

Here's a picture from the start of the women's elite amateur wave in 2008 - just a portion of the wave as it was pretty big. I'm in the lower left corner.

And in keeping with the St. Anthony's theme today, here's a nice article about my dad that was in the St. Pete Times.

Q&A with president of USA Triathlon board.


Beth said...

Gooood luck Bri!! Hope you have a blast (as I'm sure you will) and a great race (again, as I'm sure you will :). Hey Jen Harrison is in that picture too! I think that was the year the you her and I all finished within a minute of each other or something! :)

Aimee said...

Good luck this weekend!

Steve said...

"Funny thing, Marty also imploded on the run . When I saw him after the race I said, "Marty! My run was HORRIBLE!" he said, "Oh yeah? I ran 48 minutes." I responded with a very gracious, "I didn't run THAT bad!" Sorry, honey, where is my filter?!"

Ha you two are catching up to me. :)

Crazy People!! When I am 90 and you two are 80 or however old you fogies are, I will so kick your butt!!! j/k worried about your foot actually hope you get to the bottom of it. YIKES!!