Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Funny

Confession: I love bad-for-you foods. You name it, I love it: ice cream, cake, cheese, anything with sugar, soda, McDonald’s (Yes, I said McDonald’s!), the list goes on and on. Everything in moderation, of course, so I don’t eat all that in one sitting, and I also try and eat lots of fruits and veggies. AND I seem to have a very small stomach so I get full fast, but then 2 hours later I’M STARVING (and also snappy and the annoyance level is high – Marty knows better and immediately gets food in me STAT).

Another thing I also love is butter. Mmmmmmm. Growing up we always used “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” which I loved because it was soft and made sticking your finger in to get a little swipe easy. I know, that’s gross. Anyways, I can’t help it, but the generic store brand we buy always makes me laugh – “Butter It’s Not!”



Jennifer Cunnane said...

Oh my god, you love butter too? My biggest weakness, I slather it on pasta and often have a gelatin formed yellow ring at bottom of my bowl. Also addicted to Molly McButter, try it and you won't go back! Also, can't believe you r heading to Jersey shore, my hubby is from philly and used to summer vacation. Have fun!

Angela and David said...

As kids we used to put butter on our mashed potatoes just like gravy. We even made little butter ponds. "Butter It's Not" - that is marketing brilliance.

I love crap as well but sadly I do not fill up quickly.