Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Resting It Up

After sitting in the car for too long after the race on Sunday, my left knee/IT band decided to voice it's displeasure. I took Monday completely off from working out. Tuesday evening I did a very easy, short spin on trainer and this morning I had an extremely painful massage.

But I'm feeling good.

Here are a couple of pro pictures from Philly. I try to smile if I see the camera because I feel like the picture will come out better if I'm smiling. I've seen enough non-smiling pictures to assume this. Really, I wasn't feeling so great at this point, but I saw the camera and thought, "Hi camera!" Little did I know Beth was stalking me from behind.

Ooof. That hurt.

In other news, I'm on my 2nd Timex watch in two months. Face plates are not sealed properly and keep letting water in. These things are not made like they used to be. I sent back the first one and they sent me a new one (with an outrageous $7 shipping/handling fee - I have a hard time coughing up more money when the product is totally defective and pretty much brand new). But I didn't even get a chance to pay this $7 before the one they sent me has leaked. They at least said they wouldn't charge me the $7 again (but I do still need to pay the original). Now I'm out a watch again for 4 weeks. Takes a licking but keeps on ticking my a**.

Yay to a no-work Friday!


Beth said...

You do look so happy in that running picture! I look decidely less happy in that same very spot in my pictures. I have to remember to smile next time. :)

Hey I did the same training you did the past 2 days! Nothing Monday, very easy spin on Tuesday. No massage today but I scheduled one for next week. I agree - sitting in a car for long periods right after racing is BRUTAL! Glad you are feeling better!

Michelle Simmons said...

That's a classic picture with Beth in the background. Like the calm before the storm! Makes you want to race with a rear-view mirror! ;)

Angela and David said...

Love the picture with Beth in the background. Sounds like you both had great races.

Good job being smart and taking it easy to heal up.