Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost TGIF

Nothing terribly exciting going on. If you read Marty’s blog, you know that he passed his Copper Eagle Kung Fu test to become a Silver Eagle. Here is a picture of some of his classmates. Yes, I agree, it does look like the one kid is picking his nose.

Tassie got shaved. Once again, Marty asked for a mohawk, but since I had just trimmed off the last one, the groomer wasn’t able to give her a big one – ha! She is also not as skinny as she has been in the past when we shave her. Our little girl is growing up and filling out! Her third birthday is a week from today.

I signed up for the Brigantine Island Triathlon (while we’re on vacation in Jersey). Yup, Penny-Pinching-Marty let me sign up. ¼ mile swim, 11 mile bike, 4 mile run – that’s right up my alley! Maybe Marty is worried I will beat him? ;) Actually, I think a perfect Bri Sprint would be a ½ mile swim, 7 mile bike, 4 mile run. I have yet to find this race.

I’m working on a giant proposal at work, but it’s a lot of ‘hurry up and get this done’ and then….wait. So some days are very busy and other’s aren’t so busy. Next week pre-vacation will be super busy and I’m expecting to be putting in some long hours. Yuck, but sometimes you gotta do it.


m said...

A race with such a short bike just doesn't seem to exist. Darn triathletes all seem to like biking too much. We should make one with less biking!

Tassie looks so skinny and of course cool with the mohawk!

runningyankee said...

happy birthday tassie!!
we should make that race happen in the triangle.. call it the Bri-athon.. prized would include all of your old awards and medals you have far to many of anyway!!!

Angela and David said...

Your triathlon sounds perfect for me - the shorter the swim, the better.

I hear you about the long days. Booh! Thank goodness this week is ending.

Marit C-L said...

Ha ha ha - I'm laughing at your "perfect" race. Yeah - I would NOT want to race against you in that thing. :) Maybe Escape from Alcatraz...? Longer run and shorter bike BUT...a ridiculous entry fee. Stupid expensive...I won't do it on that principle...

Good luck with the work thing - just put your head down and go! And vacation before you know it! YEA!