Monday, May 25, 2009

Old Birthday Pictures

My mom brought up a TON of old pictures, and since I just posted pictures from my 30th birthday, I thought it would be fun to post some from my early birthday parties - no jello shots at these!

This was my second birthday. That's my sister Heather on the left and Shana on the right.

Birthday #3 in the same positions. Am I trying to steal some icing?!

Getting some help from Shana and my dad blowing out the candles on my 4th birthday (nice beard, dad!)

Opening presents on my 5th birthday.

And now are the 'pool party years.' Pretty much from here on out we had a pool party in our backyard for my birthday. Look at that bikini!! A little sexy for a 6 year old!

7th birthday, and this is what the next 5 or so years looked like. It looks like the girl in the back right corner is about ready to fall on her face. I wonder what happened. (I'm right in the front in the pink suit)

Our 2 hr masters practice went well this morning! It actually went by pretty quick and we didn't have any sets that were super hard, it was just long. We ended up doing some silly relays at the end (underwater which I suck at, one-arm and doggie paddle). I also still cannot dive in without getting water in my goggles. I am such a pretender at the pool!


Little Lion said...

Okay, Bri... we gotta work on the diving in with no water in the goggles... sheesh!

Beth said...

I love the pictures!! I always had pool parties too - although I grew up in Western PA, not FL, so you can imagine how warm those were. :) Anyway - congrats on your win over the weekend - great way to celebrate 30! :)

Angela said...

You are one sexy Biatch!

Cody's Tri Blog said...

We had a blast! Thanks Marty and Bri!