Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend Not Over Yet!

Yesterday morning when the alarm went off at 5 am, I said, "Who's idea was this?" Marty replied, "Uh, yours!" And so we were on our way to the Woodlake Triathlon in Vass, NC. It was so fun! A very grass roots triathlon: no splits, no chips, no bike number, no rack didn't have any of the normal BIG triathlon stressors.

I ended up with a solid effort which was exactly what I was hoping for. I wasn't looking to kill myself but just wanted a good workout. Marty and I both got the overall titles and won really neat trophies.

We got home, gave Tassie a bath (she was pretty smelly from swimming in the lake post-race) and then got ready for the birthday party!

We have a lot of great friends and I had so much fun - I hope everyone else did, too! My friend Alysia made some delicious jello shots (with magic shell on top! only a pro makes a jello shot with magic shell!)

We didn't get to bed unti 1am, and even though I had big plans of sleeping in, 7am came and I was wide awake. Damn getting older and not being able to sleep in.

We got in a nice 35mile ride this morning and then lunch with fam, soon to be followed by dinner with the fam. Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday so I can try and catch up with everything.

Here are some pictures from the party:

My good friends the Lovgren's and Tvermoes

Angela - you didn't look at the camera!

Marty and Jer-Bear!

Jello shots for the girls!

A very happy birthday!!


Rebecca DeWire said...

Happy 30th birthday! It sounds like you had a great celebration.

m said...

Happy 30th! Jello shots haven't had those since college! Congrats on the win and looks like a fun party.

The Tylers said...

Congrats on the race and glad you had an awesome birthday...tomorrow that it:)! Love FB for reminding me of that! Enjoy your day off.

Angela said...

I'm a dork. I thought he was taking a close up of you.