Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If you swim in the ocean, you're swimming with sharks

Hey, maybe it was a good thing the swim was cancelled at St. Anthony's!

9-foot bull shark caught off St. Petersburg Pier

I particularly like these two quotes:

  • "Though the shark had not been put on ice and was outdoors for hours after the kill, Lipert said he would offer the meat to relatives."

  • "Butch Ringelspaugh, curator of exhibits for the Pier Aquarium, estimated the shark weighed 350 to 500 pounds....Still, he noted the irony that the museum educates the public about the importance of protecting sharks."


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great to know! First a mako at IMFL and now this. I may have to retire from triathlons. Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Life only gets better : )


Angela said...

Uh, see this is why I've only ever swan in the ocean 1 time...and now I've got to do Wilmington...I'm not feeling good about this decision.

Anonymous said...

You have just given Kristin and I yet 1 MORE REASON to HATE swimming...thank you very much!! :)


Marit C-L said...

Hey Bri - thanks for the article! Even though I joke about being terrified of sharks, I'm fascinated by them and have considered studying zoology and ichthyology (study of fish and sharks) - I really do think they are fascinating creatures. Yes - we KNOW that they are out there. But (and even though I joke all the time and I am afraid), we are more likely to get struck by lightning while riding a lawn mower than attacked by a shark.

Bull sharks - though very aggressive (the females have some of the highest testosterone rates for any female animal) - are prevalent in warm coastal and some inland water ways. Yes - they are there.

BUT - as the article pointed out, the boys were fishing from the safety of the pier. It was not a matter of survival of "us versus the shark". There lives were not in danger. The fact that they were trophy hunting - well, yes, its a free country and they can do as they like. But one would think a life - even the life of a shark - would be worth more than a display of teeth on a wall. Additionally, the fact that the shark was pregnant, is a shame.

I understand fishing, and in some circumstances game fishing (especially when you eat what you catch) - but to kill an animal simply to kill it and mount it on the wall as a trophy? That simply baffles me.

I could go on and on... but I won't.

Thanks for the article and the post Bri!