Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loose tooth

Swimming went well this morning – I moaned and groaned when the alarm went off but grudgingly got up after Tassie gave me doggie kisses. She has transitioned to sleeping in our bedroom now on a blanket right next to Marty. Not IN bed, just on the floor. We wanted to get her out of the crate because she was already well trained and that thing took up too much space in our dining room. It took a couple of weeks for her to learn that just because one of us gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom does not mean it’s “HAPPY MORNING TIME!” (If you are ever at our house in the morning, you will understand better what HAPPY MORNING TIME" is). Anyways, I was thinking I would be kind of slow after my nearly 2 week break from swimming with the vacation and all, but I did pretty good (for me). And then tonight was our usual small group hammerfest ride, which I'm happy to say I felt 100 times better than a few weeks ago.

I also visited the dentist on Monday, which always gives me anxiety. I guess it gives most anxiety, it’s just one of those things. I like my dentist and even the hygienists are quite nice, but there’s just something about that place. And I’ve had a tooth in the back of my mouth that has been kind of bothering me for awhile. It has a crown and last time they told me that I would probably need a root canal in the future. But the x-ray looked fine at the time, and it really didn’t hurt that bad. Only when I ate or drink something really cold. It was the same this time, x-ray okay and same feeling. So the dentist decided to poke around a bit and all of the sudden he says, “Oh, well this is why you’re feeling some discomfort.” I look over and he’s HOLDING my crown. Ugh. This was not going to be a fast appointment. So 2 hours after arriving I was finally on my way into work, with my crown newly cemented in. The dentist told me that my back teeth are kind of short and that’s why the crown came off – not enough tooth to cement onto. He said if it happens again in the next few years or I still feel discomfort, he could laser my gums to get it on really good. FABULOUS.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess we really do have to talk about teeth, eh? I HATE going to the dentist. I too have short teeth and my crown (rear) came off and they put a GOLD one on b/c they couldn't get the other 2 to stay put. ICK. AND I had gum surgery to pull the tooth down more and get rid of some of the gum so the crown could hold. Oh, isn't this dreamy. I would rather talk about hanging by my toe nails. Glad your tooth is ok!! Jen H.

rr said...

Bri, glad you worked out the tooth! I had a dentist break my root during a root canal last year. He refused to pay for the implant to fix it, and now I look like Amy Winehouse if I smile too big because I don't have $5k for a new tooth! So take care of those babies, so you don't have to look like Amy with me.

BriGaal said...

Too funny! Jen has a gold tooth and Rachel has no tooth! Sounds like the start of a bad rap group ;)

Courtenay said...

can i be in the group? my talents are being charming and not singing/rapping. also i can dance. and, most pertinent here: my teeth are RETARDED. and about 90% are altered in some way by some expensive dentist or another. and i take great care of them, the ungrateful little brats.