Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow, technology is soooo amazing!!! I'm writing this blog WHILE I'M RACING!!! LOL HA HA HHA. Just kidding I think Marty hacked my blogger account and is updating for me!! No but seriously I am out on the bike course right now. I swam a 28 something for the swim, that is soooo fast! I am awesome! HA HA LOL Marty seems to think I sound like Tassie when I make my updates!!! Hoo hee silly Marty! Anyway I am going to crush all these biotches on the bike out here today, cuz I totally rock!! Later gator!!

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Anonymous said...

What a disappointment. And here I thought Tassie was updating Bri's blog for her and it was that renegade Marty all along.

Having said that, I live for the day that I hear that exact string of words come out of Bri's mouth. I might faint from laughter, which is saying something because I've never fainted before but there's a first time for everything. OK, if not the whole post, just the word biotch would do it for me.