Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Getting Close

We're a little over 3 weeks out from the American Triple T. I still don't even know what Triple T stands for. There are 4 races, so...

Training is mostly getting done. My run is fairly slow and not very high in mileage. But I'm injury free which is the most important. Biking has been solid. And my swim is meh, but I'm not too worried about it. 

This weekend we have our first race, the Beaverdam Olympic distance which will be sandwiched in between a lot of training. Marty is even making me not only run again after the race, but that evening I'm supposed to do another short bike and run! Aiyiyiyi. Almost done.

I went up to Boston for a quick trip to see some good friend's Jimmy & Alysia.  I've been to Boston a few times now and there is no debate that it's a really awesome city. BUT. The weather! They had one nice day (Friday) before it was back in the chilly, windy 50's. Even with the relatively mild winter they had my friends said it just goes on too long. I seriously don't know how people do it.

We had a great time, though, and hit a lot of great places since the city is so walkable. Their apartment is basically above the Boston Massacre so they are in a prime location to see this great (cold) city.

First stop when I flew in was the oldest bar in America

Took a trip through Chinatown
Drank a cold Sam Adams while viewing a cold Sam Adams (Sam Adams grave is the green one behind me in the distance). Har Dee Har Har.
Skype session with Logan
Marty and Logan kept very busy: 4 parties, 1 5K (which Marty won!) and Logan's race
Logan's still having a great time doing the Healthy Kids Series. He believes that he has to wear a tank top when he races.

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You used to update more often. That is ok. I still like you.

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