Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rock Bottom

Well that is quite a dramatic blog title. I ran a local 5K this past Saturday. It started about 1mile away from our new house so I figured, why not? I convinced another friend to run it and his 14 year old son (who doesn’t run, but plays lacrosse, who of course beat us both and broke 20min) also came. They met me at the house and we jogged over to the start.

My training, if you can call it training, has been pretty hit or miss for quite a while at this point.  I have been running like someone who is just trying to stay somewhat fit, with the occasional tempo/fartlek thrown in.  Mileage-wise, definitely less than 20 per week, probably right around 15. Now that we’re more settled in the new house, I am ready to get back into it and start to feel more like myself on the run. This 5K was a perfect benchmark to see how bad it was.

It was bad.

And I don’t mean to say this to get people to say to me, oh that is not that bad, and you still won and did great and blah blah blah. I ran a 20:40 on one of the flattest courses you can get around here and it felt HORRIBLE. So there you have it. Marty has begun writing me a schedule again and I’m determined to follow it and get faster. I’m going to target the Wrightsville Beach half marathon in March but I’m not committing to any time goal just yet. I’ll adjust my goals as the months go by. I’ll also jump into more local 5Ks and hopefully they will start to feel better.

Incidentally, I actually reached out to a coach who just does specifically run coaching.  I don’t actually know him, but know he coaches some fast people and have read some of his race reports before (he’s very fast, too) – and he seemed funny yet serious and his rates were low as he has a full time job and just coaches for the fun of it (at least that’s what his website said). Of course, Marty could write me workouts and has always done so but he can get very busy and has to take care of his real clients first.  On the flip side, it is sometimes too easy for me to blow off workouts since it’s my own husband writing them.  So I figured I’d email this guy and see what he said.  He said that he was pretty full with clients but he would like to coach me, so I responded: awesome, here is my background and my goals and what’s next?  But that was 3 weeks ago so I’m thinking he is not going to coach me, haha. But under that haha is definitely an irked Bri as geez an email telling me you really can’t take me on would’ve been nice.  I just can’t imagine having someone inquire about coaching and not give them a straight answer (immediately) back.

The rest of Gaal-life has been full steam ahead.  We had a swim clinic at the pool this past weekend, and then tried to take Logan to a car race which was really freaking far away and upon driving up to the gate we found out it was cancelled due to (non-existent) rain.  We took a quick trip down to Florida last weekend to celebrate Marty’s father’s 80th birthday.  We still have a garage full of boxes that are waiting patiently and messily to be unpacked or stuck in the attic. Marty is in full high school cross country mode and Logan is as cute and fun as ever.  Although I do hear myself  yelling correcting him more and more. Boys will be boys, I suppose.

Instagramming a picture automatically makes it look 10% better

We got to one last Durham Bulls game. Beautiful night and no crowd.

With cousin Jamie

If we're not careful, Logan's hair can look like this.


Steve said...

I remember you said in an earlier post you were moving close to someone who is close to you in running, and former blogger. Kerri M.?? something like that. I know she is in my list, but if she is close, you two should start running together. It would be a nice get away, and running with company is always better. A social thing kinda. (I don't know how close you two are though)

If I can string a couple good weeks together I plan on running with my old running partners on Saturday. By old, I mean they are old. :)

funny pic of your son in the last pic. Does Marty have that same hair problem if not watched closely?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Eh, that's not rock bottom.

But, yeah, the being sorta out-of-shape thing is rough. Lifestyle fitness is nice and all, but it's just not the same.

Good luck with the training. If you're looking for a coach, I could make some suggestions. Because, yeah, having your husband write plans is rough.

LZ said...

Agree about husband writing plans...I can't follow Eric's either even though he is/was an awesome runner! I have become a Hanson's method convert (and Eric has agreed with their philosophy, ect) and they have a pretty tough half training plan here:

And then they have a somewhat simplier one here http://www.hansons-running.com/training-plans/half-marathon-training-plan/

I would be super annoyed about the guy not writing you back. And I also love the last picture of Logan and his hair! Awesome!