Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh Hiiiiiii

Hello world. It’s been awhile.

What has been going on? What has not been going on? Here in ‘freaking cold isn’t this still considered the south North Carolina’ we are plugging away. I am doing a half marathon next weekend with one of my dearest friends where we are in it to finish. Yup, my goal is to finish. Last weekend I pulled off my longest run in prep for this – 11.7 miles. It was hilly and I negative split it so I figure I can fake 13.1 miles on a flat course with a good friend.  I am severely under trained – not my fault. Actually, it is (it always is right? Whether we want to believe it or not).  Last week I only managed 2 runs the entire time! It snowed, and as you all have heard by now when it snows in the South everyone becomes blathering idiots and the entire metropolitan area shuts down.  Luckily, Marty and I own a pair of Yaktrax so we did each get out for a run on the snow day (yes, I said day). But the next day was so icy and a very freezing 7 degrees, so no go on driving into Umstead at 6am for our normal group run.  Saturday we went to Richmond, VA for a triathlon symposium (which lasted all day).

The Symposium was really great. They had interesting speakers from athletes to doctors to coaches. I was worried initially that this was going to be a long day in a boring room but it wasn’t.  It WAS an early wakeup call, 4:30am so we could get to Richmond, which is 3hrs away, in time. Our babysitter made a small fortune that day. Anyways, Michellie Jones was the first to speak and she had some good stories. She is right up my alley, minus of course me not being an Olympic silver medalist or Hawaiian Ironman winner, but she said she hates IM and loves going short and fast and being done quick. Me too, which is why I’ll be doing sprints this year (that and also the full time job/coach/mom thing).  I also loved that she said she never used a heart rate monitor or power meter. When she was supposed to go hard she went hard and when she was supposed to go easy (or gasp, rest) she did.  OF COURSE they are great tools that provide solid feedback and I don’t want to debate that, but I’ve been an athlete for a long time and I love going by feel.  Chris Carmichael also spoke – Lance Armstrong’s former coach although you’d be hard pressed to find that info in his bio. He spoke about the time crunched athlete (which most of us are) but he also sprinkled in interesting stories about his time riding for the 7-11 team back in the mid-80s.  Frankie Andreau was the last speaker, and we actually had to cut out of his a bit early so we could get back before Logan’s bedtime.  He also didn’t say a peep about that other cyclist, despite being his teammate and his wife having a huge fight with him. I wanted some dirt! Alas, they were all professional and crap.

And where to begin with Logan. He is growing so fast and saying so many words. English and Spanish – it’s really amazing.  He loves Go Diego Go (which he calls ‘Agua’) and playing with Matchbox cars which are literally covering our entire living and dining room. He is sleeping in much better, too, which is great for us. He had been waking up very early 5:30am (or even earlier) but we bought him a clock that changes color when he’s allowed to call for us. We have this set for 6:30 and when he does wake up before this we just simply tell him it’s not time yet and he lays back down. We were shocked when we realized it was that easy to get him to go back to sleep!  He is still in a crib – he has never once tried to climb out so we’re going to keep him in it for as long as possible. 

He is loving the pool now and often asks to go to the ‘seena’ (la piscina is pool in Spanish). He also enjoys running the circle in our house – typically its “Dada unner!” and they run while I stand and give them high fives every time they come by me. He’ll stop occasionally if Tassie gets in his way and says, “Miso, Tassie” which means excuse me in Spanish (con permiso, actually).  We take him on all of our long runs and instead of letting him sleep which then screws up his nap later on, we allow him to watch a movie on the Kindle which of course he loves. He either watches Cars or Toy Story. If I tell him “I love you” he responds, “Amor, Mommy.”  Cue melting of my heart.

Here is your random cute picture.


Unknown said...

:) When did you get Logan that alarm clock? and when was he able to understand it? working on getting our little guy to stay in bed!

Damie said...

that's great! I love the sleep idea!

Anonymous said...

Naw, you and Michellie are like basically the same.

Is Chris Carmichael now admitting'oh no, I was actually his coach, I was just his beard for all the drugs and capitalizing on the fame.'