Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots o' catchup

Whoah, I've been a little slacker on my blog recently - and truth be told just been waaaay too busy. Now I have all sorts of things to catch up on but instead of writing a novel, I present you with pictures from the past few weeks.

Post Raleigh 70.3 consisted of lots of rest and catching up on life. I wasn't actually too sore or tired since I neither went super hard or ran an entire half marathon.

Just another cute Logan picture

This kid is so freaking fun

We put on an open water swim clinic the weekend after Raleigh

This is Logan and his little girlfriend Lizzie. Unfortunately, Logan doesn't see her anymore because we switched him to a Spanish immersion daycare. He points to this picture and says, "Izzie?"

We got him a total tricked out baby pool

Which Tassie also enjoys

Father's Day fun at the pool with friends

A shot of Logan and me. For comparison, a similar position from 11 months ago below:

I won a local-ish sprint triathlon called the 3 Little Pigs. The age group awards are the cute pigs and the overall awards are the wolves. It's in Smithfield, NC and Marty got a flat (which he changed and was able to finish the race) but interestingly, the last time he got a flat in a race was in another Smithfield (Virginia).

This past week was Boone Camp! My favorite week of the year :) This is the 4th year where we rent a huge house and our athletes and good friends all go to western NC for some great training. The house we rented this year was awesome but the location was TOUGH. To get there you had to go down a huge extremely steep downhill and then climb a hard switch back road. So to start our rides we had to do the opposite. The super steep road (according to people's gps's) had an average grade of 13% and went up to 20% on one section. This is hard, but it's even harder when this is within the first 5min of your ride! And of course coming back to the house was also bad, but not as bad as the beginning. Other than that, we had an absolutely fabulous time. These pictures are out of order and I'm way too lazy/busy to change them around.

On a bike stop

Egg boy was up early every morning cooking away. Pancake man took this picture.

This would be one of the only flat roads we encountered. In Todd, NC.

Doug designed us some sweet camp t-shirts!

View from the deck of our house

This was a I-phone propped up with a timer picture. Not bad.

The town of Todd had 2 stores. This was one of them.

And inside was a bakery. She was just pulling freshly baked goods out of the oven and we all hovered at the display case until she served us. Rude, hungry cyclists!

Heading to Snake Mountain

Running down the fire tower trail at Moses Cone Park. Charge!
The most delicious cupcakes ever.

They had an oreo cookie inside!

Group dinner time

The early group - some of us started Boone Camp on Tuesday. Everyone else came in on Wednesday.

Still running

The Scottish Highland Games also took place behind la casa.

Frank was one of many birthday's celebrated during the week. Not that we needed an excuse, but this led to many cakes being eaten.

These guys rode long and hard (twss)

While a few of us opted to ride into Blowing Rock for some ice cream

A small sampling of the Boone Camp refueling center

Lunch at the Mellow Mushroom took a day and a half. Good thing we all like each other.

Annual Camp photo pre-run at Moses Cone. A few people got lost getting there which literally happens every year.

Marty broke his chain riding up the driveway on one of the last rides and he wasn't able to get it fixed before Sunday so Tassie, Marty and I did a run around Price Lake before heading back home.

There is one place to run that is flat - a nice greenway in Boone.

Group picture of those of us willing to do a shot on Saturday night. Where are all the boys?

Lots of riding

On the drive up, we stopped for a swim at Kerr Scott Reservoir. Beautiful mountain lake and Tassie was in heaven.

Awwww. We like each other.

If you climb up the fire tower, you are granted with this view (Marty not always included)

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Jennifer Harrison said...

I love camp pics - yours looked like a GREAT TIME! Great to see you guys and Mayhew in there! I am SURE there was fun times had by all! :) Congrats on your Raleigh race too!