Sunday, May 12, 2013

Open Water Swim and Stuff

We co-hosted the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge this past Saturday with FS Series. This was the first race in our open water swim series that we've been putting on for several years now.  We switched the venue this year and moved the date earlier so everyone could get a run through of the Raleigh 70.3 swim course. This is the same place we do our Big Deuce and Little Uno swims in July. Because of the popularity of the 70.3, we had over 250 swimmers signed up for 1.2 mile, and around 65 for the 2.4 mile.

This was definitely our biggest turnout (thanks, M-Dot!), and because of it, it took a bit more coordination and work.  I'm usually the sort-of in charge person at check-in and I can't thank our volunteers enough (our athletes - OSB rocks)  for their hard work. I was a bit more organized this time around and sent out an email detailing what each person would do and we luckily had enough people that I could roam around and help out where needed. Mostly this was answering questions and trouble-shooting. I also took over when people needed bathroom breaks and when everyone left since they were all swimming. I couldn't because there was just too much to do (schlep all the food out and get it ready for the swimmers afterwards, for example).

I'd say it all went fairly smooth, but I honestly often walk away from these wondering why we put them on since from my perspective it seems no one is happy. I realize I am typically dealing with people who are disgruntled or don't like something (that I have no control over) and I'm having to explain to them the 'why.' I also realize that we attract mostly triathletes who tend to be type-A, not-quite-ever-satisfied people, but even so it can be tough to be in this position all the time. I guess I'm throwing a bit of a pity-party over here. I do hope most people enjoy themselves out there, although I doubt they realize how much work goes into putting one on.

Doug waited around until the bitter end for me so I would have someone to ride with. Although I doubt HE realized how tired/slow I was going to be. Uggghh, that was definitely not a confidence builder. By the time I got home I was so exhausted. Marty had already gone home to relieve our awesome babysitter who came over at 5:30am, and I powered through and we all had a nice dinner with friends that night.

This morning a big group of us ran most of the 70.3 run course in downtown Raleigh. It's not flat, but I also don't think it's the hardest course out there. The greenway has some nice hills on it and running down Hillsborough in the heat will be tough, but I think it will be pretty fun since it's out and back and you'll be able to see so many people. We're all just wondering how hot the day will be after having such a cold winter and mild spring.

And now, Logan. He is so much fun - repeating new words each day, doing new things each day, it's so great.

He'll say "cheese!" now when you take a picture

Sitting with dada at a Mexican Restaurant on Mother's Day

Walking to dinner

Big boy sitting in a booster seat AND drinking from a cup, with Uncle Doug looking on

Some video of Logan saying a lot of "No" (one of his favorites right now), and some other words at the end.

And this one is of another one of his favorite words, "thank you"  I never get tired of hearing him say this when you give him something.

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