Monday, May 20, 2013

2 Weeks to go

Since I decided I was definitely going to do the Raleigh 70.3, I have crammed in some important training this week. Oh what, you aren't supposed to cram for a half Ironman?

Thursday morning group interval run, Thursday night group ride (ouch), Friday swim where I didn't even cut any of the workout (go me), Saturday long run, Sunday long brick.

Marty went down and did the FS50 in Washington, NC. This is a neat distance (1mile swim, 44mile bike, 5mile run = 50 miles. Get it?) and although I've never been there, everyone says it's a great venue.  He didn't get back until 2pm which meant I didn't get to start my long run until 3pm. My original plan was to start at Umstead and run the Turkey Creek loop and then add some on to get to 12miles.

Within 1mile, I had several horseflies swarming me. Oh yes, they are out. Typically, if you run in the morning you're okay, but if you wait until the afternoon heats up, you're a goner. There is really nothing more annoying than having horseflies dive bomb you during the entirety of your run. I really can't handle it - this run from 4 years ago is still very fresh in my mind!

Luckily, I could get out of their fairly quick and get onto the greenway that takes you to the NC Art Museum. No horseflies on the greenway, they tend to stay in the trees. It's kind of a boring run, but I don't ever run on that greenway and I was cruising along with my music so it was all good. I briefly thought of running more of the 70.3 course since the turnaround is at the Art Museum and I had around 3 more miles to kill, but instead decided to check out a couple of their trails. I had never run on them before and there are weird sculptures that kept it interesting.

Logan's one year pictures taken at one of the sculptures at the NC Art Museum in December

On the way back, I picked it up for about 3.5 miles and felt pretty good.  Then we stuffed ourselves at Ruckus Pizza with friends. I was a little worried for the quick turnaround that was going to happen since I was meeting the group at 9am for our last big brick, but that workout also turned out pretty good. We rode 50miles and ran 4. So I got several good workouts in and now I'm ready to taper, ha :)

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Steve said...

enjoy the taper. ;) HA HA