Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Photo Dump

Several weeks ago Bobby (of Kari and Bobby) took pictures of our family at the Raleigh Art Museum. Kari was the photo director and we got a bunch of great shots.  Here are a few (not all great, but with some stories behind them)

Damn you, Pinterest! There were so many cute picture ideas. I tried to recreate one here, but we only got like 3 shots before Logan stood up, fell over backwards, and refused to get back in the tub. Oh well.

In all of these the only thing I kept thinking was, 'I can't open my eyes, too sunny!'

It really was impossible to get all of us together in one shot. Tassie, quit hiding.

Another silly Pinterest idea that totally didn't pan out. Logan just liked to walk around with the frame. Again, oh well.

I have to admit, I really liked this one.


Kari and Bobby cropped this one and framed it for us. I love it.  Shortly after, Logan headed over to those lights in the bottom left corner, tripped, and face planted on top of one. That was the end of picture day.
Happy Birthday, Logan!


Go to Marty's blog to see Logan's first encounter with a cupcake on his birthday. Turns out he takes after his momma here.

We had a little birthday party for Logan on Saturday. He ate MORE cake and some wrapping paper. It rocks being 1.

Who's this guy stealing my thunder?

Logan also saw Santa for the first time last week. The photographer got one quick picture of him before he started crying. I don't know why we do this to our kids!

This kid is also very nosy. Whenever we go out to eat, he is turned all around trying to check everyone and everything out. Here's his typical look:

And finally, we did a Santa Pub Crawl on Saturday night (thanks mom for watching Logan!). It was mandatory dress up so I went as an angel (because, duh) and Marty went as an Elf, because it's the closest thing to Lord of the Rings and he knows how I feel about Orlando Bloom (yum yum).


Steve said...

Good Update Bri. :)


Best to you all of course. :)

Donna said...

These are all terrific photos!