Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Logan is 1!

Tomorrow is Logan's birthday! I was having a lot of nostalgic moments the past few days remembering the time leading up to his birth.  It really felt like a ticking time bomb inside of me - I knew it was going to happen but the when was so up in the air. My official due date was December 15.

On December 9 (Friday), my boss said something along the lines of "We'll take a look at that on Monday."  My coworker scoffed, "Bri won't be here Monday." She said I just looked like I wasn't going to make it that long (she's good). That night we went to a farewell party for Steffan and Jen who were moving to Germany. I remember feeling like a giant whale.

December 10 - went for a swim at TAC. Really felt like a whale. Very high probability I had a contraction in the water.

December 11 - sometime in the afternoon Logan decided it was time to get the show on the road. That's what they tell you in the labor/birthing class, that the child decides when labor starts. We had one last dinner out that evening at The Mellow Mushroom, where I even ordered dessert with just a short pause to get through a minor contraction.  Here's one of the very last belly shot pictures we took:

December 12 - Logan was born at 1:44pm.  Happy birthday, baby!


Steve said...

Happy Birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

marty and my mom share the same bday; and now logan and my sis. hmmm...