Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Update

I've been enjoying having my mother-in-law here as she has freed up my arms to do other things and sleep more for the past week. It sure has been nice! Marty and I have also been trying to take advantage of the free babysitting and have been getting out as much as possible. Logan's feeding schedule doesn't allow us to stay out for very long, but it's still nice to get out.

Still no real working out except for some walks. I was all ready to swim with our Master's team this morning only to have a dead battery when I went to start the car. Total bummer since we have that free babysitter right now and after I fed him I dumped him in her arms :) Marty had already left since I was going to be a bit late and he had a swim lesson after. Maybe Monday.

He came in at 9lbs 1oz and 21.5 inches this morning at the doctors office. He was 1 month old yesterday - I wonder how old he'll be before he weighs my birth weight of 10lbs 14oz?

Here are some pics:

Fight the power, Logan.

Thriller dance while dressed as a bear.


Alicia Parr said...

Handsome little guy.

Donna said...

Kiss kiss kiss!