Friday, December 9, 2011

Pics and Randomness

I went to dinner with some good friends on Tuesday night. It was a "you can do this Bri" dinner but really just a good excuse for us all to get together. We had a great time with lots of laughs and even ate a traditional New Orleans cake with a baby Jesus tucked inside (thanks Kari). Heather came waltzing in with this poster:

What do you think? Should I hang that up in my hospital room?

Tassie is on the DL.

That would be the disabled list. Not the down low. Marty often lets her go out front with him to retrieve the paper. She never actually retrieves she just stands guard halfway down our driveway. Except on Saturday she spotted a bunny and shot off like a cannon (helped by the fact that our driveway is steep like a ski jump). To get to the bunny she had to navigate between a huge pile of leaves and parked car - when she went to make the extremely tight 90 degree turn at top speed she slid out and ran right into the car. Of course she didn't catch the bunny (she never does regardless of obstacles) but what we didn't realize until she got into the house was that she tore up some of her pads and broke a chunk of nail. Luckily, the pads she tore were on the high part of her leg, not the bottoms of her feet. After putting ointment on it all weekend which she would proceed to lick off, Marty took her to the vet on Monday.

Now she is bandaged up. She wasn't limping until they put the bandage on. Now it's like "oh poor me, look at how sad I am. give me a cookie"

I will say she is such a good, patient dog. I changed her bandage last night while Marty was at a CPR course and she sat their letting me pull and cut and redress and wrap without moving. I did give her a cookie after that.

Last night I was having difficulty sleeping (pregnancy pains) and got hungry so I wandered downstairs to the kitchen to stuff some unhealthy snack into my mouth. While I was munching on 1 or maybe 5 of these:

I noticed a new warning on the package - Please do not eat raw cookie dough

What the what? Isn't that was this is for? Oh, you mean I'm supposed to bake this?!

Then this morning they actually mentioned this on air. The universe is conspiring against me. Raw Cookie Dough Ready to Bake, Not Ready to Eat


Steve said...

I wonder about some labels, and how protective everyone is. I mean shouldn't there be labels on lettuce, "may contain Salmonella"

You ever see those commercials for prescription drugs?? "may cause liver failure, cerebral hemorrhage, and eye ulcers" Will cure the common cold though. Yay. :)

Good Luck to you both. I know it must be exciting. :)

Unknown said...

Totally what it's for... why else would they be bite size?!

Angela and David said...

Not pregnant I totally still eat that cookie dough but found myself almost putting some peanut butter cookie dough in my mouth the other day and then thought, "Crap, if I get sick from this I will feel so stinking guilty."

Heather said...

My kids ask me to buy the "cold cookies" at the grocery store. They seem to have turned out alright....well, OK, a little off, but you know, not too bad!