Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Makes 3

I know I have been delinquent in getting an update out, but I feel like I have so much to say and it's now overwhelming. It's actually not because I'm sleep deprived and exhausted, just haven't had the mojo to write something. But after some prodding from Marty, (Bri, when are you going to make a blog update) I figured WTH.

Soooooo, quick birth story. If you're interested in the gory details, you can email me - I have no problem talking about it but don't really want it all out here on the world wide web. Sunday afternoon I started having contractions. We went to The Mellow Mushroom for a last supper then came home and watched movies. By about 3am the contractions were extremely painful and my water broke. I got Marty up and we went to the hospital where I immediately ordered an epidural. It took quite awhile for the doctor to get to my room and administer it (a couple of hours) and man those few hours without anything hurt. I don't know why anyone would NOT get one! Because once I was hooked up I was able to sleep for awhile. By 11:30am I was fully dilated and ready to push this baby out. That took a long time (2hrs) and with a little help from a vacuum, Logan Marton Gaal was born at 1:44pm on 12/12/11 weighing in at 7lbs 13oz and measuring 19.5 inches.

Marty and I are figuring things out. Up until Monday, neither of us had changed a diaper! It's been helpful having my mom and sister here - really nice to have others give us advice and help out. Newborns sleep a lot so that part hasn't been so bad. I'm not counting on it lasting forever, though. The hospital was the worst as far as trying to rest! Always someone coming in constantly waking you up to do something or ask some question - it was nice to come home on Wednesday.

I can't do any real working out except for walking for quite some time, which is fine so I can just concentrate on Logan and doing what needs to be done for him. Exciting times ahead for sure!

Our little glow worm:


Steve said...

Congrats. It doesn't even look like you were pregnant. I showed my wife your picture, and told her you had a baby like a week ago. I won't tell you what she called you. ;) LOL

I surely don't want any gory baby details, glad you left them off the blog. :)

Beth said...

I was looking forward to reading your first update!! Huge congrats to you both. I can't wait to read about all the exciting times to come!! :-)

P.S. I've never changed a diaper either and I was convinced I was the only woman >30 yrs old that hadn't!

Anonymous said...

Aw congrats Bri. Your son is beautiful. What a merry Christmas you and Marty will have!
And the other poster is correct it doesn't even look like you were ever pregnant.
How is Tassie dealing with the interloper lol?

Kelly said...


Hospitals are ridiculous, glad you're back at home and everything is good

Molly said...

Congratulations!!! It sounds like everything went as smoothly as can be expected, and he looks wonderful!!!

Angela and David said...

Congrats! And maybe he will continue to sleep. Zach didn't sleep from the very beginning so maybe you lucked out with one of those amazing sleeping babies! Glad you are both doing well - you look great!

Jennifer Harrison said...

CONGRATS on little Logan you guys! What a wonderful Christmas present! I can't believe my kids will be 10 in January and you just had one! :) ENJOY the years...can I do what annoying people do? Say: "It goes by so fast, enjoy it all."

but, I am serious.


Merry Christmas!