Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jury Duty

Yesterday, I had to go to the Wake County court house for a jury summons. I've never been summonsed before and although I know this is our civic duty, I was really hoping not to get picked for a jury. I even asked my dad (an attorney) the best ways to avoid being picked. After a tiny lecture from him that I shouldn't want to get out of the service, he gave me his best tips.

Made it to the courthouse with the rest of the general population - which I would normally think means weirdo's, but actually everyone was very professional looking. They recommended that you dress 'business casual' and I would say that out of the 150+ people only a couple were even wearing jeans. I guess this is a big departure from the attire in Orlando according to my friend who had to attend a few jury summons down there.

I had a book (Mary Roach's Packing for Mars, so far excellent) and my phone which is a good distraction, but it's just so boring to sit in an uncomfortable chair for so long. Finally after over 3 hours, a lady came in and said that all the civil cases had been settled, so she was going to need to draw 40 names. I was one of the 40 names and thought, ugh! I never get picked for raffles at races but of course I get picked here. Then when she got done reading the 40th name she said, "Okay, you all can go home!"

Little trickster! Ha! So I hightailed it out of there and will still get my $12 check in the mail. Thank you, Wake County.

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