Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another 6 Weeks

I am feeling sort of huge. 29 weeks. About 2.5 months to go - YIKES!

For a refresher, here I am at 17 and 23 weeks.

I just can't imagine still having 11 weeks to go and how it will look like then.

You may notice the background looks a bit different. The baby room is slowly but surely coming together. You may also notice that my tank top has shrunk. Okay, it didn't really but I don't think I can wear that one in the picture 6 weeks from now.

I did get to hang with my besties this past Saturday.

Why so glum, dude in background?


Steve said...

Oh yayyyy. Everyone loves you now, especially all the pregnant, or used to be pregnant women. :) j/k You look great. :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Bri, I have been thinking about you and wanted to see how the pregnancy is coming along. You look great!! Heck, I was that big at 12weeks w/ the twins! LOL - KEEP enjoying your pregnancy, glad you are doing well. :)