Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still here

Marty told me to update. So I'm updating. I just don't feel like I have all that much exciting stuff to talk about right now - but it's more that my focus has changed and so what I have to say is not in line with what my blog (and our website prior to 'blogging' -- can you believe I've been writing inane drabble since 2003??) has been in the past. I see these sorts of disclaimers on other girls blogs from time to time - if you're here for triathlon info, you're not going to see a whole lot of that anymore (some, but not a lot). So if that's what your interested in, check back in about a year.

See, if you're training 30 hours a week, your blog is probably all about how you did a 5 hour bike ride and a 45min T-run. I don't have anything like that going on right now, so that's not what I'll be talking about.

This is probably what I'll be talking about - baby, gaining weight, exercising for fitness, baby, cheering for people at races, baby.

Without further adieu, we saw Cowboys & Aliens the other week. Ha. You thought I would be talking about baby right away ;) It was entertaining although there were some definite plot holes I pointed out to Marty who thought it was the greatest movie ever.

While Marty was in Atlantic City this past weekend, my mom came into town and we did some preliminary baby registry shopping. This was overwhelming, which is why I'm enlisting the help of Heather and Angie (who have 5 kids between them) and Kari (who will be of no help but I like her) to go with me to actually register. I'm going to hand the scanner to H&A and they can register for everything I actually need. My mom and I went to Buy Buy Baby which has a huge selection of everything and the kitchen sink. We also went Target which has next to nothing. But here's the interesting part - almost everything that's at Buy Buy Baby is at Target Online, for around 10% cheaper. So I think I will register at both, and then switch things around when I compare prices. Pretty annoying, but hey, this crap is expensive!

Still swimming and running jogging. The weather turned nice this week - fingers and toes crossed that we are out of the woods that was our awful July. It definitely makes running a lot easier and helps keep my heartrate down. Swimming is nice but I am really slow. I haven't biked except on the trainer recently. Still on my tri bike although I pretty much stay on the pads of my aerobars now. I haven't had to add any spacers just yet.

I can also feel the little guy moving around a lot. I didn't start feeling him until pretty recently, probably within the last 2-3 weeks which I guess is normal for your first pregnancy. It's pretty cool but also weird and freaky. It sort of feels like something poking you from the inside, or like a little alien trying to poke it's way out of your stomach. At night I've noticed he doesn't like it when I sleep on my right side, because he gets all pokey in there (which is not good when trying to sleep) but if I sleep on my left he's fine (so far). Apparently, sleeping on your left side is the best when you're pregnant and sleeping on your stomach or back is not good. I've never in my entire life slept on my stomach, but I often wind up on my back after awhile. Then I wake up and think "Oh shit, I'm on my back!" Then I try to flip to my side real quick which is totally not real quick at all. It's something about stuff pressing into a vein and reducing bloodflow to the baby which makes sleeping on your back not a good idea. That is not the medical terminology, by the way.

Tassie wanted to say hi.


runningyankee said...

and i will provide comic releif and hold your stuff while you run to the ladies... :)

LZ said...

Kari will be good at providing the comic relief! Thanks for the update the next few ,oaths will go by faster than you think! Enjoy being able to go out without having to figure out what to do with baby or hiring a babysitter!

Anonymous said...

great to hear that everything is going well!


Steve said...

I know nothing of babies, and don't like them really to be honest, and have no interest in them. I work with say 150 people, and 800 are pregnant, or just had babies. They bring them in, and I don't even look at them. Lisa is ga ga goo goo over babies. Who can understand women???

Anyway... I find your route to be interesting for some reason.

No clue why. If we always had control over everything that interests us, I guess I... well guess not sure what I would do. Maybe still this. :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

KARI went. LOL
She was comic relief, I am sure.

I love reading about everyone's pregnancies, so keep it coming! And, I bet it is fun to spend some of your free time in baby registry hell. I loved that part...but I am a loser like that. Keep enjoying! :)