Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Clever!

One of our athletes gave us this at swim practice.

I love how it looks like instead of breaking the tape, toilet paper is coming out of his diaper :)

For comparison, here is the real logo:

We had a quick trip to O-town this past weekend. We got to hang out with our cute nieces and family. Anna hooked me up with some baby essentials, including a baby Bjorn which Marty is psyched about. Thanks, Anna!!

Saturday morning we went to Wekiva State Park which has trails (very hard to find in Florida) and an awesome spring fed swimming hole. It's a constant 72 degrees - what a great place to have when wanting to do some open water swims in the winter! A lot of triathletes were out doing swim/run bricks of some sort. I did a 45min jog/walk and then took a quick dip around the perimeter a few times. It was so pretty - so clear and you could go over big rocks that had crevices deep down where the springs came up and created a bit of a current.

Saturday evening I watched the Margarita Mile with some other hecklers. I was supposed to be timing Marty in the fast heat, but I got so excited about a possible record breaking run that I accidentally stopped my watch on the first place guy...oops! Dan's record is safe though, and will live to see another year. I have the girls record - both of us realizing that these were our only running records still standing.

Then we hung out with the crew in downtown - late night for us. I did feel a bit silly walking around with my preggo belly in downtown Orlando while every other girl was half naked.


Steve said...

You have a quiet voice---ya writing style. I like that. fwiw. :)

Angela said...

Loving the clothes there. Hilarious and so cute! I'm going to have to show you the shirt we had made in case Gabby came while we were at Eagleman this year!