Sunday, July 17, 2011

We started off the weekend with a nice bike ride and open water swim at Jordan Lake. The humidity was low which led to great midsummer weather - a nice reprieve from what we had been dealing with and what's to come this week. Marty and several others met at Inside Out and rode out to Jordan Lake then rode back. I opted to drive to Jordan Lake, ride the reverse route until I ran into the group and turned around. I did a short swim and then drove home. I'm still on my triathlon bike, and am still able to get aero but know these days riding outside are numbered.

This is the recreation area we swam at. I grew up right by the ocean and definitely miss being able to get to the beach in 10 minutes, so it's nice to have pseudo beaches and places to swim up here.

That day/night was very busy on the popularity scale as we had two parties to go to :)

The next morning I had planned on running but my hips were quite sore so decided to go for a nice walk with Tassie instead. Of all things pregnancy related, this is my only complaint at this point. I've been lucky with the pretty much non-existant nausea, no cravings...pretty much it's been business as usual except for the weight gain and how slow I am right now, but this hip ache is for the birds. It typically doesn't bother me during the day or when I run (jog) but at night sometimes laying down it totally sucks. I know it's due to a hormone called relaxin that is released to help loosen the joints down there. Pregancy and labor are truly amazing things with what your body does to prepare. Anywho, Tassie and I headed to Bond Park which is right around the corner from our house and did the lake loop. I took pictures along the way.

And last night I finished off a great weekend with Kari and Alysia; we met for ice cream and a movie (Bridesmaids - so raunchily hilarious!).

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