Monday, July 11, 2011

Pregnancy and Food

If you've ever been pregnant, you know that a lot of comparisons for how big your baby is, is to food. Last week it was a turnip. I wasn't even sure I could accurately picture the size of a turnip and can probably say that I've never eaten one before. But I found them in the grocery store, picked one up and thought, damn, no wonder my belly looks like it does. Most people say I just look like a normal person now. I've always had a very flat stomach; I just don't put weight on there. My thighs and butt are a different story! Well, I no longer have my flat stomach (because a turnip is in there).

This week it will be the length of a bell pepper.

And soon (fingers crossed), we can stop calling the baby 'it' because tomorrow we go in for the ultrasound that should show us if we're having a boy or a girl! There is always a caveat "as long as the baby cooperates" but I'm thinking we will make it cooperate. I am not above doing jumping jacks and handstands to get the boy/girl to change positions.

People ask, do you have any feeling of what it may be? Honestly, no. I hope that doesn't indicate any future mothering instincts but I really have no idea. My family tends to have girls (I'm one of three, my sister has 2 girls, and Marty's sister has 2 girls). There aren't any boys so not sure if anyone will know what to do with one of those. But apparently the sex of the baby is determined by the guy (i.e. the sperm). I did not do any legs in the air bicycles which is one of the crazy things people do to have a boy. I think.

Also, since my title is pregnancy and food, might as well talk about real food. I have no cravings. No pickles or midnight runs to a fast food joint. Seriously, I think I always crave junk (ice cream, cake, etc) that I feel no different. I'm trying not to overeat, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job with that. Some days I have a huge appetite but most days I seem to be eating around the same as I normally do. The big change is the drop off in my training, so don't worry about me not getting in enough calories. I have never had any issues with that. And I have put on around 6-7 lbs so far.

Yesterday I went out to Harris Lake to cheer everyone on at the Triangle Triathlon. This being a local race, we knew tons of people. It was lots of fun to go out there and chat with everyone. A lot of people had just found out that I was pregnant and it was funny to cheer for someone and for them to yell back to me, 'congratulations!' I also got to talk to several of the fast momma's after the race and they all gave me great advice and encouragment.

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