Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Weekend Ahead

Saturday morning: Battle at Buckhorn Triathlon

Marty has won the past two years, which means we have both of these on our mantle:

Can he win the 2011 belt buckle?

Saturday afternoon: Beginner Swim Clinic

Sunday morning: 5280 swim at Beaver Dam

Remember, be nice to those of us at the registration table :) See you in the water!

And in the better late than never category, here are a couple of pictures from the Triangle Orthopedic Sprint triathlon I did several weeks ago:


Beth said...

Good luck this weekend to you both! Hope you bring home some belt buckles! :)

Steve said...

yeah to what Beth said. Oh, and yeah mantle my butt. I know he has them both attached to belts and wears them regularly. :)

m said...

Good Luck to both you and Marty! Sounds like a super busy weekend.

Jennifer Harrison said...


Angela and David said...

I wish I looked as fast as you in a one piece suit. I look like an oompa looompa. Hope you guys got some kick ass results this weekend.