Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Vay-Cay

Ahhhh, gotta love the 4 day weekend! It feels like Sunday but I still have the weekend ahead of me! So far we've had a great Thanksgiving vacation. Yesterday morning Marty ran the Cary Turkey Trot and had a pretty good showing for his current fitness level. Tassie and I cheered on the runners (she cried again when Marty went by and she realized she wasn't going with him), and we got to talk with Rebecca and Scott DeWire for a bit after the race. They're moving to Philadelphia in the next few months with their very cute baby.

In the afternoon I was going to ride the trainer and then realized that would be the stupidest thing ever since the weather was so nice. I talked Marty into hitting the greenways on our mountain bikes instead. I was thinking maybe an hour max at cruise pace. But when we got close to Umstead, he convinced me that we should go through Umstead - which not only adds several more miles but a lot more hills. I said sure, why not? Then when we got to Harrison, he convinced me that instead of taking the straight shot home, we should try and find the greenway again. Ooookaaaay. This ride ended up being 1:45, with many hills and a very out of shape rider on a 40 lb mountain bike - I was whupped at the end! I had just enough time to stick my sweet potato casserole in the oven and shower before heading over to my sister's where we all proceeded to stuff ourselves silly.

This morning we had master's practice and a few other showed up (including Beth and Oscar) and we did a typical 'Fast Friday' workout (lots of short fast intervals with lots of rest). I'm hoping these workouts help me get out faster next year with the good swimmers so I can try and hang on longer. Off to breaky at the Food Factory with the gang and then Beth and Oscar came to our house to meet Princess Tasmania and her bff Cider. It was great to hang out with the two of them since I feel like I know them through their blogs. Now they only need to follow Beth's family's lead and move south!

I also got out on the old tri bike this afternoon with Alysia - lots of chatting and a little biking :)

And oh yeah, in case you're wondering about the push up challenge, here's the status. After week 4 you take another test and I was able to do 35 consecutive push ups. But lets just say the last 10 are maybe not full push ups, but whatever. Onto week 5 but I realize that this test now puts me at the level 1 schedule for week 5 - I had been on the level 2 schedule for all the previous weeks. And after week 5 you take another test and if you don't do 45 consecutive push ups, you have to repeat week may see where I'm going with this. I think it's possible I might be stuck at week 5 for awhile, maybe forever?? But from just several weeks ago when I could only do 12 push ups, I think my improvement is pretty good.

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