Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Typical Night at the Gaal's

Marty created a bad habit for Tassie when she was a puppy - he would give her the last few drops of beer out of his bottle. This is now the only thing she 'begs' for. So here it is, 8:45 on a Tuesday night, Marty is letting Tassie drink from his bottle (it looks MUCH worse than it is), while holding her paw and massaging her toes (she has a foot fetish, what can I say?). He's in his Superman pants and slippers. And yes, that's my bike set up on the trainer in the background because I did a short easy spin after my run workout today.

Marty actually has a matching Superman t-shirt, but unfortunately he wasn't wearing it tonight. Not too long ago he was wearing the complete outfit one morning when it was trash pickup day. He realized we had forgotten to put our recycling out when he saw the truck pull up, so he raced out the door, grabbed our bin and ran it down to the recycling worker. He said he kind of got a funny look and realized walking back up to the house what he had been wearing. I'm sure they think that someone very "special" lives in our house.


Beth said...

That is way too funny Bri!! Matching top and bottom is classic. The recyling worker definitely went home that night and told his friends about "Superman". :)

Anyway...gotta mention...your couch looks *really* comfortable!!

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Both stories are AWESOME!! My life is so not that exciting.

Anonymous said...

YOUR couch looks DREAMY!!! It is calling my name!! HAHAHA!! Nice pants, Marty!! Jen H.

m said...

I love the superman PJs!

Beer and a foot massage. That is a nice life for Tassie.