Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was at my computer just before 7am this morning, logged onto the setup event website, and was constantly refreshing my screen until I see the waitlist button pop up for the Wilmington Family YMCA triathlon. There! Click! Sweet. A couple of hours later I go back and check their website and the waitlist is closed! DANG! Ooh, here’s the list, and I’m…..10th? What. The. Heck. How did 9 people beat my click? I think it should be good enough to get me into the race, though. I should find out September 1st. Fingers crossed again. And then if I get in, I’ll be asking you all to keep those fingers crossed so it will be wetsuit legal :) Remember, I’m not a real swimmer, just a pretender – like I tell my lanemates at master’s practice when I want to weasel out of anything IM, “Well, I’m doing free! I’m just a pretender here!” I think they’re tired of it.

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LZ said...

Nooooooooo wetsuit my dear....then maybe I can have a chance! :) I met Steve Devoid on Wed at a meeting I attended. Hope you are doing well!