Monday, April 21, 2008

What Not To Wear

I love TLC's What Not To Wear with Stacy & Clinton. I DVR the episodes and watch them when I'm riding the trainer. They crack me up and of course, I secretly want to be one of the candidates. Even though I realize that means I dress really bad. Anyways, one of Marty's athletes (and one of our friends) sent me a little note in the mail that said:

Hi Bri - I met someone last night and during the conversation I asked her to sign this for you. Hope you get a good chuckle! Sue

Inside her note was another note that said:

Thank you for watching WNTW! WORK HARD. DRESS RIGHT.
Very best,
Stacy London

So fun!!


Heather said...

Please tell me that you have the framed and hung next to your closet!

Beth said...

Yea! Now we can comment on your blog! I hope you keep this format... :)

Jerome Harrison said...

I hope you switch over to this format, because I always want to post something on your blog, but I can't!! :) Jen H.