Monday, April 28, 2008

The Boot

I had plantar fasciitis pretty bad my freshman year in college. I slept in a boot for almost 2 years and I was able to manage it pretty well. I've always had to be careful but I can usually catch it before it gets too painful. Unfortunately, this time I was not so lucky. Last Sunday I ran in some new lightweight trainers that totally set it off. All last week I babied my foot as much as I could (i.e. wore all my responsible shoes that are not so cute, stretched, rolled my foot, etc) but it didn't help. Everytime I ran after that it flared up.

It did hurt pretty bad the last few miles at St. Anthony's, but the rest of my body was already so tired it didn't really matter. Oooh, but after the race I was limply around because it was bothering me so much. And in the morning? IT HUUUURRRRTTTTSSSSS - thus I have purchased another boot. I plan on sleeping with it on and will try not to kick Marty. All day at work today I was limping around and I really hope I can nip this quick before it becomes a big problem.


Beth said...

UGH...anything but PF!! I have also struggled with it for years (sometimes it's better than other times) and have also worn the boot off and on. It sounds like you've caught it early and can manage it well though. Good luck!

Marit C-L said...

Hang in there - sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery!

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