Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Belews Lake International Triathlon Race Report

It’s not often you get to race right next to your bestie, but that’s exactly what Carrie and I got to do at the Belews Lake International triathlon last Saturday. Going into the race we were both looking for a great workout and lots of fun. Since we train together all the time we thought it would be fun to take the pressure off and stick with each other throughout. This race worked out perfectly since they start athletes 2 by 2, every 15 seconds. As luck would have it, we got to start together. The swim was awesome. We were next to each other the entire way, moving through the water at a very comfortable but great (for us) pace. It was wetsuit legal and with the rolling start there weren’t any crowds to contend with. We took our time in transition, drying off and putting on warm clothes since it was only in the low 40s. The 27 mile rolling bike was fairly uneventful and Carrie kept her distance behind me – way beyond the draft zone. Our friend Dave Mac caught us right at the end, yelling at each of us to be sure that we KNEW it J A little, ok, a lot of extra time was taken in T2 as I talked Carrie out of quitting the sport (long story) before we set off on the rolling 10K run. We chatted most of the way, until I got a terrible side stitch (probably from talking too much!!) but we still wound up running a decent pace.  Super fun race – goal accomplished! We capped off the afternoon with a late lunch at Natty Greene’s brewpub with the rest of our gang. Thanks, once again, to super dad Marty for manning the fort while I spent all day away. Next race: Chattanooga 70.3!

Post race. Daniel put up with a lot driving the 1hr40min there and back with us.

Logan is enjoying playing T-Ball for the first time.

Relieved some mom guilt at an ice cream shop and a park with this cute guy. Cars in hand, of course.

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