Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is it spring yet?

My last blog was about a month ago, talking about the fun relay Marty and I did with the Klaitman’s. Since then I’ve been plugging along with my training for the Wrightsville Beach half marathon. I’ve made it to the track a few times for some actual speedwork, and got the long run up over my typical comfort level of 10 miles.  I did one 14 miler and a few 11-12 milers.  Our February weather sucked at the end of the month so some of the runs were spent dodging ice and snow and one particularly awful run was in freezing rain. At least I had Heidi with me who always keeps the conversation going.  Our temperatures were way below normal and I think everyone was done with winter by the end of the month.  Our winters are typically mild so if you give us a few weeks in a row of days that don’t get out of the 30’s we’re all sorts of cranky down here.

My original goal for the half marathon has been to get back under 1:30.  I think I have a shot, but it will be tough.  I’ve been running 3-4 times a week which isn’t a ton, but with other parts of ‘life’ it is difficult for me to get in much more. Personally, long runs can be very hard, and although my race-pace portions have not indicated that I will actually run under 1:30, overall I’ve been handling the distance much better than I have in the past.  I also ran a 5K this past weekend where I (very surprisingly) ran a 19:10 on a hilly course.  Several months ago I was having trouble even getting close to breaking 20min and when I warmed up on the course and saw the hills I inwardly groaned that here comes another 20:30ish blah. The course didn’t have any mile markers set out and I didn’t wear a garmin so I had zero knowledge of my pace until I made the final turn towards the finish line and saw it was in the low 19’s. Sweet.

I literally did a 4min cooldown and then jumped back in the car so we could shower and get ready for the rehearsal of Rita’s wedding. Rita has been featured throughout mine and Marty’s blog as
‘the best babysitter ever’ and she had asked Logan to be one of her ring bearers.

Rehearsing with the lovely bride and the other ring bearer

The wedding was the next afternoon and after dressing Logan in his outfit (where he told me: you hurt me mommy. The pants hurt my legs) I asked if I could take his picture.  This is what I got.

Luckily he rose to the occasion and did a great job when it came time to walk down the aisle.

Like a boss

And some other pictures:
My boys
When Tassie's naughty, she'll rip up one little sheet of toilet paper. This is her guilty look.

Logan hanging with all the pretty ladies before the wedding

Freezing rain run DONE

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Unknown said...

1 sheet of TP means Tassie is naughty - that is hilarious. you need to come visit us more often to see what naughty dogs do!