Monday, November 4, 2013

I know, I know

It's been awhile. It's not you, it's me. Seriously - life has been very busy so not having anything going on is NOT why I haven't blogged. Work has been crazy and just getting through each day with enough time to hang out with Logan and Marty has been tough. Marty is now done with the cross country season which is great for me (no more Bri-neglect). He had a great season and the kids absolutely love him, so I try and keep my complaining to a minimum. I know what an impact a coach can have on you growing up. I still to this day consider my high school cross-country/track/basketball coach as the very best, particularly in terms of motivation and confidence. It was all shot to hell during college with another coach, but that's another story for another day.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Logan is awesome. He's speaking English and Spanish and baby and sometimes you don't know what he's saying, or if he's really saying anything at all. But he has a lot to tell you anyways! I mentioned before, but back in June we switched daycare's and he's in a Spanish immersion daycare now. These are some of his favorite words: agua, ayuda (help, although he pronounces it 'aduya'), no mas, manos (hands), caballo (horse, he says 'ballo'), zapatos (shoes, he says 'pato' which actually means duck but he does mean shoes) dos, and no. Of course, that's the universal favorite word in every language. If you ask him different body parts in Spanish he can point those out, too. He also says tons of English words and will repeat new words that we say everyday. He can say 'touchdown!' and throw his hands in the air (we've been watching a lot of FSU games, after all)

Other than lots of work, I've been doing minimal training. My foot was bothering me for a little bit so I took some time off of running. I think it was just some tendonitis or bad shoes, but it's feeling mostly better now. I'm swimming a solid 1x week, and wasn't biking until yesterday when I finally got out (and it was cold) and am so out of shape that by the end my quads were quivering on the tiniest hill.

I got in one 5K a few weeks ago before my foot started acting up, but unfortunately I was getting over some sort of sickness so wasn't feeling all that great. It was still a fun race - local cross country course that I had never run on and Logan ran into the finish line with me. That was super cute.  I was the first girl in the race, but 3rd overall and that was my award - 3rd place.  Love that.

And here are a several pictures from the past several weeks.

Before the 5K cross country race. Logan was none too pleased when I ran away from him.

A group of us split a house on Wrightsville Beach and cheered on the Beach2Battleship racers. This was a very fun weekend.

Park playing with dada

Logan was Elmo for halloween. He kept the hat on for ~3min. We are bad parents and didn't take him trick-or-treating figuring he wouldn't know what was going on anyways. Instead, we went to a local bar for dinner. That's how we roll.

I went to Greenville, SC with some close friends to cheer them on while they raced Rev3 Anderson. I am a really good spectator. This was also a very fun weekend. And Greenville is a great town.

Logan and I went to the Children's Museum in downtown Raleigh while Marty was coaching his boys and girls cross country teams at the State Championships. Here, I am trying to teach him strategy in a giant Connect 4 so he can beat his Aunt Shana one day.

The other morning it was cold and dry and he had straight hair. We were all, who is this kid?

But it curled back up later in the day.  

Work stress relief at Umstead on my mountain bike.

And Logan already loves 'Unning!' Can't get the kid to stop.

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Anonymous said...

My parents wanted me to be in an immersion program too, but it wore off. And, now I know no words in Spanish. Hopefully, Logan gets super dually fluent!