Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy Weekends

Our next few weekends are going to be jam packed. This weekend we're heading to Wrightsville Beach - me by way of car and Marty by way of bike. Marty is riding down there with one of my very best friends all day today and me and her husband will meet them in downtown Wilmington before heading to a beach house on Wrightsville where a few of our other friends will be. Tomorrow they're all going to the Wrightsville beer festival while Alysia and I hit the day spa. Should be a great weekend.

Next weekend is my baby shower! (and a swim clinic)

The following is B2B - looking forward to cheering on lots of friends and athletes and then dressing up for halloween in the evening to continue cheering on the full participants. I'm going to be a pregnant Catholic school girl and Marty is going to be a priest. Don't worry, pictures will be posted :)

THEN the following weekend is when we celebrate Marty's BIG 4-0 birthday. We've rented out the back room of The Flying Saucer and it also coincides with Marty's plate unveiling. Once you drink 200 different beers you get your own personalized 'saucer' on their wall. This has taken him 5 years and lots of $$ ;)

The following Tuesday we're going to Charlotte to see the Foo Fighters, my #2 all time favorite band (The Beatles are #1). I've never seen them in concert and can't wait. Baby's first concert should be a good one.

Speaking of baby, we've had 2 of 5 labor and birthing classes. They've been really informative and interesting so far, and I'm definitely glad we signed up for them.

Yesterday we went in for another 3D/4D ultrasound session since a local place was running a Fall special and we wanted to get a movie. We got some more cute shots of Logan, but he was totally burrowed up in my right side (which is where he always is). She said that when he gets bigger, which is pretty much the rest of the pregnancy, I'm probably going to be pretty uncomfortable since he likes to stay all tucked up in this one spot. It's also why whenever I lay on my right side he gets all punchy (because I'm squishing his area). The other thing she said is that way his face and skin folds are looking he probably weighs around 3.5lbs. I just don't think there is anyway around him not being a big baby. But I guess it's good because big baby's tend to sleep more.

I would post a photo but I don't have any with me, so maybe in another blog post.


Steve said...

all sounds great. :)

Donna said...

Whew! Enjoy it all! :)