Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy February 9th

Time is flying, have I not updated in awhile again?

We hosted our Master’s team party this past Saturday night. We weren’t supposed to, but the original host was out with the flu. Marty yelled from upstairs on Friday night, “Bri, we’re having the master’s party here!” Typical freakout ensued with shouts back to him, “NO! We can’t have the party! The house is a mess! It’s too small! I’m not ready for this! Too much to do!” Saturday went like this: work, craptastic run, cleancleancleanclean, Party! Which of course was very fun.

Sunday found us at Kari’s superbowl party cheering for the Steelers. I’ve never been a Steelers fan but I am a Kari fan and want to keep our friendship (and my life) so I am now! We actually stayed up for the entire game this year, not sure when that’s happened recently.

Sources beyond my control have been keeping me from getting a bike ride in. I had planned on riding the trainer last night, but our pump broke and caused my tire to go flat. I ran out to get a new pump but by the time that was all done it was getting late and I still hadn’t eaten dinner. New plan: ride trainer in the morning. So I got up at the butt crack of dawn only to find the bolt that tightens the trainer spinny thingy (technical term) to the tire was completely stripped. Luckily, Kurt Kinetic has some awesome customer service and one little email has granted me a replacement bolt that’s been dropped in the mail. Doesn’t fix my riding problem for the week but I’ll get outside this weekend and cut my losses.

Here's a picture to make this post more interesting. The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus train was stopped behind our house for at least a half hour the other day. Hope a clown didn't escape.


Steve said...

Good job cleaning the house, ours hasn't been cleaned in like 10 years!! :). Feel bad you weren't able to hop on the trainer. That is always sooooo much fun!! :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

I love that KARI sucked you into the Steelers...this Bears fan has not converted yet. LOL - HOPE you are good!

runningyankee said...

I'm a Kari fan too

Thanks for a fun fiesta

Kim said...

Hey Bri! Are you scared of clowns?? Ha! I think I am, if they were to come by in the dark that would not be fun!! Sorry your trainer was in need of some help! I wanted to say thank you for the donation.. You rock. Thanks so so much!