Friday, October 29, 2010

FSU v NC State

The Thursday night college football game shown on ESPN was FSU v NC State which was right here in Raleigh. One of Marty's athlete's gave us (awesome) tickets, and with the stadium only 15min from our house, we were there!

We hit up the Triangle Seminole Club tailgate first. I was warming up my tomahawk chop after downing some Carolina barbeque.

The Super Noles came by so I had to get a photo op with them. They were flexing so hard in this picture, they were literally shaking.

Most of you know, I didn't actually go to FSU - Marty did. But I cheer for them as if I did go there. Although our seats were fantastic, we were surrounded by Wolfpack fans - and they weren't necessarily the nicest fans I've ever been around.

We did some surreptious chopping and high fiving, but we didn't want to upset the rednecks local fans too much. We didn't end up staying until the end of the game (thank goodness!)

Any Wolfpack fans out there? Is it really necessary to have a permanent sign behind every toilet in the restroom that reads: Please do not throw liquor bottles down the toilet.

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ritabeard said...

i sense some bitterness from our win on Thursday...
and we're not ALL rednecks, geeeez:)