Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bulls and Beach

We're never bored here at Gaal Central. Tonight we're headed to the Durham Bulls game with a bunch of friends. Yesterday was an interval run in the morning, followed by work, followed by the Inside Out Sports bike ride (hung onto the front group - go me!). Swimming this morning, back at work and straight to the game tonight.

Tomorrow evening we're driving down to Florida for our annual 'it's Marty's dad's birthday weekend so we're getting the whole family together.' Last year we went to Hollywood, FL, the year before we were in St. Pete. This year we're going to New Smyrna Beach (with a stop in Jacksonville Thursday night).

I told Marty the other week that there was no way I was swimming in the ocean there. New Smyrna (in Volusia county) is well known for it's many shark bites (I don't want to say 'attacks' because they aren't really). It also has a great surfing break. Nonetheless, this girl doesn't want to take that chance. Here's a little excerpt from wikipedia:

According to the International Shark Attack File maintained by the University of Florida, Volusia County Florida had more confirmed shark bites than any other region in the world in 2007. Experts from the University of Florida have referred to the county as having the "dubious distinction as the world’s shark bite capital". This trend has continued into 2008 with 19 confirmed shark attacks as of September. In early 2008, Forbes Magazine rated New Smyrna Beach North America's top shark attack beach over North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. In 2008, it again broke its own record with 24 shark bites.

So yeah, if it were me and Marty in the water, guess who the weak link is? No thank you.

Now there are some hurricanes out in the Atlantic so it would be rough anyways. I think we'll just find a pool.


Beth said...

Don't get in that water!!! ;) Have fun at the game tonight - we really enjoyed the game we went to in July!! And have fun at the beach (in the sand that is... :).

Angela and David said...

And I've heard sometimes alligators even manage to wander into the ocean and can survive for a little while. Just go to a pool!

Anonymous said...

My Annie is a very smart girl!! Mom