Friday, February 12, 2010

Time for Some Bullets

It's the cop out way to blog but I'm not caring
  • Marty flew down to Florida this afternoon to run a swim clinic in Fort Myers. It's just me and Tassie for the weekend
  • And I'm so lame that I don't have any plans besides sitting here in the house and eating a big bowl of ice cream in a bit
  • I had a Trader Joe's 'chinese' dinner tonight - called Trader Ming's. I love that store. The Fat Tire complimented the meal nicely.
  • It's supposed to snow 1 or 2 inches tonight. And I'd like to give Mother Nature a big one fingered salute. I'm not cut out for this cold weather. If I were I would've moved somewhere like Pittsburgh, or Boston, or Chicago.
  • I felt good on my run this afternoon for the first time in about 4 weeks. That was fantastic.
  • They were having the NC high school swimming state championships at the pool we swim at. I can't get over how young high school kids look! And I didn't overlook the stink eye I got from several of them while I was getting ready for work, no doubt with their internal dialogue somewhere along the lines of, "why is the old lady in our locker room?"
  • A few songs I realized I know every word to this week: Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot), Ditty (Paperboy), I am the Walrus (The Beatles). Gotta love satellite radio.


Angela said...

If you get bored, give us a're welcome to come play with us.

m said...

Eating ice cream sounds like fun to me. I'm ready to give mother nature the finger myself.

martygaal said...

I will be home soon

Anonymous said...

if ... I would have moved to Chicago ...

I can ship you much more snow if you run low! NC is great - get to experience the seasons just not terribly long. We have a suckin five month winter here!