Friday, February 12, 2010

Time for Some Bullets

It's the cop out way to blog but I'm not caring
  • Marty flew down to Florida this afternoon to run a swim clinic in Fort Myers. It's just me and Tassie for the weekend
  • And I'm so lame that I don't have any plans besides sitting here in the house and eating a big bowl of ice cream in a bit
  • I had a Trader Joe's 'chinese' dinner tonight - called Trader Ming's. I love that store. The Fat Tire complimented the meal nicely.
  • It's supposed to snow 1 or 2 inches tonight. And I'd like to give Mother Nature a big one fingered salute. I'm not cut out for this cold weather. If I were I would've moved somewhere like Pittsburgh, or Boston, or Chicago.
  • I felt good on my run this afternoon for the first time in about 4 weeks. That was fantastic.
  • They were having the NC high school swimming state championships at the pool we swim at. I can't get over how young high school kids look! And I didn't overlook the stink eye I got from several of them while I was getting ready for work, no doubt with their internal dialogue somewhere along the lines of, "why is the old lady in our locker room?"
  • A few songs I realized I know every word to this week: Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-a-Lot), Ditty (Paperboy), I am the Walrus (The Beatles). Gotta love satellite radio.


Angela said...

If you get bored, give us a're welcome to come play with us.

maija said...

Eating ice cream sounds like fun to me. I'm ready to give mother nature the finger myself.

martygaal said...

I will be home soon

Anonymous said...

if ... I would have moved to Chicago ...

I can ship you much more snow if you run low! NC is great - get to experience the seasons just not terribly long. We have a suckin five month winter here!