Friday, December 18, 2009

We Just Can't Help Ourselves

They were calling for a wintry mix here today, and we're getting it! So of course we had to video and document the snow - I know, I know, we can't ever get over the novelty of it. We are such Floridiots.


Beth said...

I love it when Marty pretends like he's running up the tree and Tassie gets all excited!!! :)

PS If you'd like to see some real snow, please come a little farther north. ;)

HAHA! Enjoy your wintery mix!

Angela and David said...

I wish I still got excited about snow. I'd prefer never to see it again.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I have never heard the term Floridiots before, that is funny! Elena and I just came in from our hour session of playing in the snow. I forgot how much fun it is to sled and make snow angels.

Anonymous said...

That is one frisky, springy, adorable pup!