Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy May

I've put a more detailed St. Anthony's race report on our triathlon team's website.

I had a very busy and stressful week at work, and am so glad it's Friday! Unfortunately, my foot is still bothering me quite a bit. I haven't tried running since Tuesday and have been doing all the recommended things that sometimes help plantar fasciitis. I'm going to try and go for a jog this weekend so keep your fingers crossed. If I can't run very soon, I probably won't be able to do Eagleman which would be a real bummer.

Anywho, onto more positive topics! This weekend is the White Lake Half and Sprint Triathlon - very popular races here in NC. Marty is heading down in the morning to watch a few of his athletes compete in the half, and I will be up here riding my bike for 3 hours. Tomorrow night we have a wedding to go to that I know will be a lot of fun. That's about it. Check you all lata.


Maijaleena said...

Good race report!

Hearing you talk mention the NC races like White Lake reminds me of long ago when I lived in NC. I see you're racing Surf & Turf. That's the race where I met my husband. I've been meaning to go back and race it one of these years. Maybe next year...

Beth said...

I really like your race report too Bri! :)

Bummer about the foot. PF is tough - but I'm crossing my fingers that yours responds to the rest and treatment. Hope the ride today was good!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Heal fast! I REALLY hope that your foot is better asap.

Is water running an option at all? That may help to keep your running fitness/form in tact... just a though. Healing vibes your way!